Who We Are

Since 1958, the Kingston Police Association’s (KPA) goal has been to foster police camaraderie, enhance the scope of alliance, and promote goodwill among its members and those of other kindred associations, throughout and beyond the provincial confines. And, to function in the tradition of our parent body, “THE POLICE ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO” in mutual conformity with their constitution and rules and for the perpetuation of those principles and aims.

We work in harmony with administrators of the respective police bodies in seeking the greatest measure of confidence and understanding; and for the elevation of police standards and uphold the honour of the police profession.

The KPA are dedicated to providing our members with a healthy and safe working environment given the challenges we face. Along with promoting the individual and collective rights and interests of our members, we endeavour to promote a healthy and strong relationship with our community.

We have a vested interest in making our community the safest and best community it can be. We are your neighbours, your child’s coach, or perhaps a volunteer you see assisting with one of many great causes. We take a great deal of pride in our efforts in giving back to our community and hope that some of what we do improves the quality of life and sense of safety for you and your family.

The KPA continues to work on behalf of our member’s and our community to make Kingston one of the best communities in which to live, work and play.

Old police car at K-Rock